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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of hair extensions do you offer?

I offer two types of hair extensions. The first is hand-tied wefts and genius weft extensions via the Invisible Bead Extension method. This method utilizes very thin wefts that are layered above and below a beaded foundation and then sewn on to that foundation. It hides the beads and is flexible and comfortable to wear. The second type of extensions I specialize in is keratin tip extensions. These are individual extensions that are bonded to the hair by keratin that encases and protects the hair during wear. 

How long do extensions last?

When it comes to the hair itself, hand-tied extensions & genius wefts can last between 9 months and a year with proper home care (lighter colors are processed more just like our natural hair when we lighten it so you can expect these colors to last around 9 months while darker colors can last longer). However, these extensions need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. 

Keratin extensions can last between 4 & 6 months and they do not need to be moved up. Instead, they are removed and new hair is required for a fresh application.

How many rows do I need?

This is a common question regarding hand tied extensions and it really depends on the individual and variables such as length, thickness & desired result. However, the average person needs 2 rows for length, 1 row for thickness & 3 or more rows if the natural hair is thick or blunt (or both!). 

How much does it cost to get extensions?

It varies depending on the desired look and starting point but you can expect your investment to start at $1700 but could be more or less depending on your starting point versus your goal. 

Can I wear my hair in a ponytail with extensions?

Absolutely! Whether we decide hand-tied extensions, genius wefts, or keratin tips is best for you, your hair can be worn in a ponytail because every method I offer is flexible and comfortable to wear up and down!

What brand of hair extensions do you use?

I only source and purchase the most trusted and highest quality human hair. I do not use only one brand due to limited colors and availability across different brands.  

Are hair extensions damaging to your natural hair?

When hair extensions are applied properly and taken care of at home they are not damaging to your hair. I send you home with detailed instructions and all the products you need to properly take care of your hair at home. 

Are hair extensions hard to take care of?

Extensions aren't hard to take care of, although they may require changing your routine a little. The basic idea behind caring for extensions is to keep them hydrated and tangle free. This looks like using the products I give you in your take home kit, braiding your hair before you go to sleep (and only sleep on dry hair), and brushing your hair daily or more often if needed to keep the tangles away. 

What is included in my extensions service?

When you come to me for hair extensions everything is included. First we start with coloring your natural hair if needed to achieve your goal look. Then a local professional makeup artist does a beautiful makeup look for you. From there we move on to the extension application- which in many cases are custom colored to match your new natural hair's color- and finish with any overall toning if applicable and straight or curled style depending o your preference. But that's not all! Then we go over how to take care of your new hair at home and I show you how to use everything in your take-home extension care kit. This kit includes all full-sized products including a hydrating shampoo & conditioner, a deep conditioning mask, a leave-in treatment, a heat protectant, an oil, a satin pillowcase, a microfiber towel, an extension hair brush, & a couple of silk scrunchies. 

How do I book extensions with you?

The first step is to fill out the Hair Extensions Inquiry Form. Once I receive your inquiry I will reach out via email to complete the virtual consultation by asking any further questions I may have and to give you a quote. From there we can schedule your service which will most likely be completed in one day but for more complicated color services we may need two appointments to complete your full transformation.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do offer financing through Cherry! This is a third party financing service that has flexible payment plan options, does not affect your credit, and is super easy to apply and has a high approval rate. If you're interested in using Cherry to invest in your hair extensions please see the Payment Plan page. 

If you're ready to give yourself the gift of dream hair via luxury hair extensions, click the link below to inquire. 
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