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Heatless Curl Hack- Simple, Easy & Damage Free Curls That Only Take a Couple of Minutes!

Hey beautiful!

I wanted to share my heatless curl hack because it’s so easy and you wake up to perfectly styled hair.. It's a huge time saver for me and can be for you too! Plus, it will help you take a break from heat which we all know can do a lot of damage to your hair. There’s literally no downsides!

So first, you need the belt of a bathrobe. Stay with me! You can either use one you have or you can grab a cheap one on Amazon.

You can also use a satin heatless roller set but using the belt of a robe works way better for long hair and personally, I like the fact that you can keep it tighter and more secure with a belt (why does “belt” sound so funny? 😆). And I’m all about saving money on small stuff so I can splurge on the nice stuff and this route is much less expensive than a heatless roller set!

Okay once you have your robe belt here’s what you’re gonna do:

Step #1 - Center it on the top of your head and secure with a clip.

Step #2 - Part your hair down the center in the back.

On the first side, start by wrapping a smallish chunk of hair all the way around the belt.

Step #3 - Once it’s all the way around, add in another section of hair and wrap the first and second pieces together all the way around.

Keep adding in new sections of hair and wrapping all the way around. Tie off with a scrunchie.

Tip #4 - Once each side is done, you’re going to take one side and twist it back to tighten your hair around the belt. Then wrap it around the back of your head and bring it back to the top on the other side. Secure with a clip while you do the same on the other side.

Once both sides are twisted tight, you can tie the ends of the bathrobe together on the top of your head and tuck the ends into the twists.


And that’s it! I have long extensions and it takes me all of three minutes and I can just take it out and finger comb through the curls in the morning. It’s like an entire 35 minutes faster than iron curling my hair and it’s a lot better for it too!

If you’re having a hard time picturing all this, check out the video tutorial I did on IG!

So there you have it! A super easy heatless curl method that will save you time and hair damage. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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