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Best Supplements for Hair Growth

Updated: May 14, 2022

Between Covid, having babies, genetics, sickness, and even losing weight, hair loss is a real problem for so many of us and it significantly impacts our self image and how we feel day to day.

After I had my daughter I definitely experienced postpartum hair loss but I don’t remember it being super bad. And then I got pregnant nine months later so my hair grew back from that anyways so I didn’t really have to think about it too much. But then I had my son in July 2020 and about three months later my hair started falling out by the handfuls. Then two months after my hair started falling out I got Covid and my hair was really suffering. My hairline was so far back that when my hair was down it looked super stringy and thin around my face but when I pulled it up it didn’t look any better because I basically had a receding hairline. It was honestly so embarrassing and it did not make me feel pretty at all. Throw this on top of extra baby weight and my already fragile self-esteem and any mirror was a trigger for feeling sick to my stomach about how I looked. You can see for yourself in the picture how bad my hairline was. 😬

This experience ultimately set me on a research rabbit hole of all things hair growth. I actually started with collagen because I had been taking one and I really wasn't seeing any results so I wanted something that would actually work, not just for me, but also for my clients. (You’ll get all the deets below!)

Beyond collagen, I learned all the best nutrients for hair growth and how they actually work in your body to help your hair grow, as well as how essential oils can help. I’m not going to go too much into essential oils in this post because I have another one all about how/what essential oils to use to promote hair growth. But that knowledge did play into the supplements I picked for myself and for this list.

So, all that being said, after all that research and about 9 months of religiously taking supplements my hair line came back, thank goodness! This isn’t the best picture but you can see how much fuller my hair line is now.

So much better right!?

I think for most people hair growth seems like a such a mystery because we’re told to take things like biotin and collagen and vitamins but then we do and it doesn’t make a difference. From my experience/perspective the problem with this is that first of all, we’re all different. Our bodies have different needs of nutrition based on what we’re already getting. And second of all, the supplements that are out there are full of fillers and aren’t very bioavailable (how well the body can absorb and utilize the nutrients.) This list specifically has several options that are made with high quality clean ingredients and a couple more general supplements that are helpful.

As far as what supplements you can take for hair growth, there’s a thousand things out there but I’m sharing with you today what I have found works the best based on results and the biology of our bodies.

Basically, what hair growth comes down to is overall health. Our body is designed to sustain essential functions first and foremost and hair growth is not an essential function. That means that we have to fuel our body properly to not only sustain essential functions but also have enough nutrients left over for hair growth.

Supplements are a great way to make sure that you’re getting enough nutrients and the specific nutrients needed. It is important to remember that hair takes time to grow and even the best supplements aren’t going to make your hair grow overnight.

So here are my top faves for hair growth!

1. Liquid Biocell Collagen- This is number one for a reason! This specific collagen is my absolute favorite and the only collagen I have used that’s given myself and my clients visible results and quickly. There is so much science-y stuff I could spew off about this collagen but I’ll bore you with that in another post. 😉 All you need to know is that it’s highly absorbable as opposed to most other collagens (95% vs ~11% absorbed from powder formulas) and that it’s not only collagen but it’s actually a collagen-hyaluronic acid matrix. This is important because collagen and hyaluronic acid works together naturally in the body so it just makes sense that your collagen would have hyaluronic acid as well. If collagen is the balloon, hyaluronic acid is the air. The collagen is the structure and the hyaluronic acid is what fills the structure. I think you get it 😉. Anyways, the point I’m trying to get at is that a highly absorbable collagen-hyaluronic acid matrix supports your skin health, prevents follicle damage, and provides protein for your body to use for hair growth. It also tastes great and is liquid so you just take a tablespoon in the morning and one at night. Way better than adding another pill to my day in my opinion! [You can check it out here: and when you use that link to purchase, you’ll receive $10 off at checkout!]

2. Goldie Locks- So Goldie Locks is a hair growth supplement in a pill form created by the founders of Invisible Beaded Extensions. I was super excited when this was announced because it was like the hair growth supplement I would have created to go along with the collagen if they didn’t. The reason being, is that this particular supplement has the vitamins that your body needs specifically for hair growth, as well as an essential oil blend specifically for hair growth. As far as supplements go to make your hair grow, there’s three major components- collagen, vitamins/minerals, essential oils. This supplement is the latter two and if you struggle with getting enough nutrients and want an easy way to include those in your routine, Goldie Locks is for you. They even have an option that has CBD included! However, this is a very exclusive product and only 500 IBE stylists have access to it currently. You’re in luck though, because I am one of those stylists!

3. Axis PhytoReds- Next up is a powdered drink mix that’s chalk full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital for good health but when it comes to hair growth specifically, they are just as important. This concept is a little more complicated so I’m saving it for another post but basically, antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that disrupt the natural hair cycle. Like I said, hair growth & health is truly a direct reflection of overall wellness.

4. Axis PhytoGreens- This greens drink is the greens version of the PhytoReds and is packed full of super foods of the green variety, just like it sounds. Greens are rich in the nutrients you need for hair growth and most of us don’t get enough daily so this is a great way to make sure your body and your hair have plenty.

5. Axis Trebiotic- So you’ve probably heard of prebiotics and probiotics but what about a postbiotic? Or even a supplement that includes all three?? That's what the Trebiotic is! There is no other product like this on the market but what’s actually important is that this preps your gut for optimal nutrient absorption. What is the point of taking supplements if they aren’t being absorbed to the max?

6. Biotin- This is one I know you’ve heard of and usually I don’t advocate for biotin as an effective hair growth supplement because it only works if you are deficient in biotin and most people aren’t. However, I do feel like it’s worth noting because if you have any sort of thyroid issues, you’re probably low on biotin and I know many of us women do struggle with thyroid problems. So, if that's you, or if you are vegan, taking a biotin supplement can be super helpful as well.

7. Omega-3- And last but not least, we have Omega-3s. These are the healthy fats that we don’t get enough of. These essential fatty acids have been shown to decrease hair loss and improve the amount of hair you grow in the anagen cycle (hair’s growth cycle). It also helps reduce inflammation of the scalp and brings essential nutrients to the hair follicles. Not to mention our brain needs healthy fats to function so that’s also a bonus! Or is the hair growth a bonus? 🤔

Okay so those are my top recommendations for hair growth supplements! You don’t have to get every single one right now and there’s no magic formula that starts growing your hair as soon as you take it. But the closest thing to that, out of these seven, is the collagen. If you need somewhere to start and give you some momentum and make you feel like you’re actually going to get somewhere with hair growth, that’s what I’d start with and you’ll see results for sure after 90 days but sometimes as soon as 30.

Happy growth journey, love!

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