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Best Supplements for Hair Growth

Hair growth is definitely one of the more popular topics in the hair world these days and it seems as though new brands and products pop up every other week with claims to be the best. Unfortunately, they can’t all be the best. So what supplements actually do help your hair grow?

Today we're diving deep into two actual supplements that you ingest, and I clarify this because there's a myriad of natural compounds out there that work for hair growth topically. Topical treatments are another subject for another day.

Before we dive in though, I’d like to remind you that no matter what route you take, give it a good 90 days before you decide to throw in the towel or not. Our hair takes time to grow, even when we’re taking supplements so you won’t fully know if you are seeing results until about 90 days in. Okay now that that disclaimer is out of the way, let’s dive in!

  1. Modere Liquid Biocell

This collagen is liquid gold in my book. While it’s not marketed as a hair growth supplement it definitely works as one.. and very well I might add. When I was suffering from a very receding hairline after my second baby and then I got Covid two months after I started losing hair, this saved my hair. I was back to normal within 9 months versus the two years it takes many to regrow a full hairline. Anyways, the reason why I love this one so much (besides my own results!) is that not only is this collagen not made of ground up animal leftovers 🤮 but it also has hyaluronic acid which works hand in hand with collagen. If collagen is the water balloon, hyaluronic acid is the water inside.

Like I said, this collagen is not made of ground up animal parts, but rather, it’s extracted straight from the sternum bone of a chicken and then hydrolyzed to be the optimal molecule size for absorption. Because of that.. the absorption of this collagen supplement is about 95% versus your average powdered collagen which is between 11% and 33% on the high end. WHOA.

Anyways, beyond the science side of it, there’s several formulas you can choose from- each helps your hair grow and has other targeted benefits. For example, I use the Skin formula which has an antioxidant-heavy superfood blend in it, and I also like the Trim, which has something called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is supposed to help shrink fat cells.. yes please 🙏.

On top of all that, it tastes great and it’s a tablespoon in the morning and one at night. No extra pills to add to your supplement regimen. All around, my top favorite! And because it’s my fave, you can get $10 off here because you’re also my fave 😉 :

Goldie Locks Hair Growth Supplement-

Goldilocks Hair growth supplement is runner up because it’s just simply not as magical as the Biocell collagen, but with consistency it does work.

Here’s why I like it: It contains all the vitamins that are known to help hair growth (A, C, Zinc, D, E, Selenium, Biotin, & iodine) which is honestly so nice to see in a product. There’s so many “hair growth” products out there that don’t have these and why the heck not, ya girl know? It also has an herbal blend of ingredients that are also known to help hair growth including the following:

  • Ashwaganda: strengthens the hair follicles, and contains many vitamins/minerals the hair needs to grow. It also helps fight stress induced hair loss.

  • Holy Basil- Improves blood circulation (more blood to the follicles = stronger follicles), strengthens the root of the hair and calms scalp irritations.

  • Ginkgo Biloba- Is very antioxidative and anti inflammatory and improves blood circulation

  • Bacopa Leaf- Also has lots of antioxidants and reduces inflammation

  • Gotu Kola- this herb is a like a super herb because it not only increases circulation to the scalp but it also nourishes the hair strands & helps reduce hair loss overall because of it’s anti-microbial properties and ability to block DHT (a hormone that causes hair loss by keeping new hair from growing from your follicles).

  • Turmeric: Speaking of DHT, turmeric also has DHT blocking capabilities and it has major anti-inflammatory properties.

Besides all of that goodness, Goldie Locks also has a blend of rosemary extract, peppermint and lavender.

Overall, Goldie Locks is packed with ingredients that target hair growth and scalp health. The only question I have is: is ingesting these ingredients as effective as using them directly on the scalp? We probably won’t get to know for a long time because there’s little to no funding in natural health care (they can’t patent a plant, ya know what I mean?) but it doesn’t hurt to add this supplement into your routine and get the benefits from these ingredients internally. You can get your own Goldie Locks here:

So there you have it: the two best hair growth supplements (in my book at least!). I highly recommend taking them both for optimal results because they do work in such different ways. If you can’t manage both right now I’d actually recommend starting with the collagen because it’s easier to stick with because it’s not a bunch of pills and the hyaluronic acid/collagen duo is probably not something your body is currently getting, but you probably do take a daily vitamin which is supplying you with some of the vitamins you’d get from Goldie Locks.

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